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Engagement - question pool

Overall satisfaction:

  1. I am proud to work for Company
  2. I would recommend Company as a place to work to my friends, family and acquaintances - variation: a. I would recommend Company as a great place to work; b. I would refer someone to work here
  3. I rarely think about looking for a job at another company
  4. My values and company's values are similar
  5. My work style matches the company's work style
  6. I see my self working at Company in two years time
  7. Company motivates be to go beyond what I would in a similar role elsewhere
  8. I am able to have a balanced work-personal life
  9. My workload is reasonable for my role


  1. Leaders keep people informed about what is happening
  2. My manager is a great role model
  3. I trust the leadership team to create the appropriate strategy
  4. My manager is concerned about my well being/carrier/development
  5. I trust that this survey results will bring positive measures
  6. I feel valued at work
  7. I receive recognition
  8. Last time I finished a big project I received recognition
  9. I feel comfortable giving feedback to my superior
  10. When I approach my manager with a problem I trust that I will be listened


  1. I am encouraged to come with new work methods/solutions of doing things
  2. I have the right amount of authority to be able to do my work effectively
  3. There were moments when the solutions I proposed were adopted
  4. I am involved when decisions that affect my job are taken


  1. I am encouraged to cooperate with colleagues
  2. I can turn to my colleagues support any time I feel the need
  3. The team that I am part of, receives qualitative support form other teams
  4. Generally colleagues collaborate (share knowledge/resources, offer support when needed, etc)
  5. I feel respected
  6. Members of this team are able to bring up problems and tough issues
  7. I am comfortable sharing my opinion at meetings
  8. We regularly take time to figure out ways to improve our team's processes/performance


  1. I understand the vision and mission/strategy of the company
  2. The company vision is:
  3. The company mission is:
  4. I think that the company is able to adapt to market challenges
  5. I understand the strategy of my department
  6. I understand how my work can influence the company objectives
  7. I have a clear understanding of what is expected of me
  8. My team has clear and prioritized objectives

Training & Development:

  1. I am able to achieve my professional goals within this company
  2. I am aware about the carrier trajectories I now have
  3. I can access all necessary learning resources in order to achieve my professional goals
  4. I feel that I am in control of my professional development
  5. I am exposed to tasks and activities that contribute to my professional development
  6. My direct manager coaches me in the development process
  7. The quality of received training was
  8. I consider that training opportunities in which I was engaged so far contributed to my performance
  9. I consider that I received timely and helpful specific feedback
  10. My work volume gives me the chance to participate in learning activities
  11. New employees receive the necessary training
  12. I learn a lot from my colleagues
  13. My coworkers have the skills and expertise to do their jobs well


  1. I have the proper amount of data to make correct decisions in my job
  2. When something unexpected comes up I know who to ask for help
  3. There are enough employees within my team to achieve our objectives
  4. I have access to all physical resources I need to do my job effectively

Compensation and Benefits:

  1. I am payed fair compared to the work I do
  2. My compensation package is competitive compared to similar jobs from other companies
  3. The benefits I receive satisfy my needs
  4. I know how to access all benefits offered by the company
  5. My company offers more benefits then other companies
  6. I understand the policies regarding compensation
  7. The variable pay depending on my performance is satisfiying

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